7. Ivan Cuesta: Activist Shareholders in FMCG

The FMCG Guys

Feb 22 2023 • 46 mins

Our guest is Ivan Cuesta, a Consumer Goods veteran, enterpreneur and university teacher that’s worked at the likes of Danone and Hero and has deeply studied Activist Shareholders’ impact on companies.

Activist shareholders have become a home staple in Europe. A known player in the United States for decades, they’ve made a big impact in the old continent in the last few years, reaching a record high last year with 235 campaigns. In the consumer goods industry, they have created some memorable moments, such as 3G attacking Unilever or Nelson Peltz assaulting Procter & Gamble’s board.

In this conversation, you’ll learn about:

- The main players

- When did they start going into FMCG

- The scenario in which they intervene

- Examples of governance: Unilever, Danone, Nestle

- What to expect in the coming years