Transmissions 251 | Luis Miranda


Oct 8 2018 • 59 mins

01.Pan-Pot - Startphase [Second State]
02.Cadans - 1 BarFU [Clone Basement Series]
03.Luis Miranda - Suspect [Transmit Recordings]
04.Andres Campo - Rola [Second State]
05.The Advent, M.I.T.A - Dog House [Elevate]
06.Christian Smith, John Selway - Burning Chrome [Tronic]
07.Luis Miranda - Watching You [Transmit Recordings]
08.Drunken Kong - How far down go [Terminal M]
09.Nuke - Barracuda [Odd Recordings]
10.Ramon Tapia - Deepa [Underground Audio]
11.Boom Boom Satellites - Joyride (BBS remix) [R&S records]
12.Markantonio, Atroxx - Octave Shift [AnalyticTrail]
13.Psyk - Falling [Non Series]
14.Ignacio Arfeli - Love Disorder [Transmit Recordings]
15.Frankyeffe - Slowly [Odd Recordings]
16.Christian Smith, John Selway - Jackin (Shall Ocin Remix)
17.Christian Cambas - The Outsiders [Autektone Records]
18.Luis Miranda & GrooveBox - Frozen Poison [Transmit Recordings]
19.Dok&Martin - Real Dream [Mazzinga Records]
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