# 166 - On Cybersecurity Safety with Mike Ciunci of LBMC

The Beer Mighty Things Podcast

20-12-2022 • 57 mins

Today we're joined by Cybersecurity Specialist Mike Ciunci of LBMC Information Security to cover the state of the cyber industry.

We review & learn how to identify the common cyber scams: phishing, social engineering, ransomware and what to do if your systems are breached, but first we discuss his current fitness challenge: #75Hard

We discuss a few real-life examples of brewery hacks and we stress the importance of creating a trustworthy culture while educating your staff using the free tools available on the web.

We debunk the common myths like "We're too small to be hacked" or "We're safe, we have the cloud" and how to secure your data.

Click for Breach Guide / Ransomware Checklist / CanIFish Phishing Simulator /

Key links - https://www.knowbe4.com/ - https://www.mimecast.com/ - https://www.nist.gov/ - www.cisa.gov -

- DarkReading - Bleeping Computer - The Hacker News

Feel free to Email mike.ciunci@lbmc.com and connect on LinkedIn

Cheers, and #beermightythings