# 158 - On Great Beer & Great Data with The 5th Ingredient / Beer30

The Beer Mighty Things Podcast

11-10-2022 • 56 mins

PK Agrawal is the Founder and CEO of The 5th Ingredient in South Florida, a company that develops all-in-one data management systems for the beverage industry and he stops by to drop some knowledge in this episode.

PK is a Florida native, a Harvard Alum and took a chance with Ballast Point in San Diego to be a Process Engineer and help them optimize their packaging equipment.  He led the team to launching a nitrogen bottling line and bulk production of nitrogen kegs. Hell yea!

The Beer30 and Bucha30 software systems transform your brewery's data into cost savings, with an emphasis on quality, consistency, and efficiency.

We discuss the Australian beer market, travel, food, scuba diving and 2023.

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