# 161 - On How Art x Science = Quality Control with Fermly

The Beer Mighty Things Podcast

09-11-2022 • 1 hr

Join us as Ted Lasso, Slash and a Mermaid "Beer Spooky Things" in this Halloween Edition episode.  We all dressed up without really discussing dressing up and it was perfect!  You can view our costumes on the show image.

It was a blast to have Emily & Danny Wang tell us their story on how they met and how they founded Fermly, a craft beer laboratory in Denver Colorado.

We dive into how Fermly is solving problems using QA/QC data points and software to provide 24/7 results.  We hit on Non-Alcoholic Beers, Food Safety and their terrific, insightful blog.

Follow them and find out more at @fermlyknow - fermly.com - and email them at info@fermly.com