Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren – A picture-perfect love story with a smashing ending

Hooked, Hitched & Hung Up with Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne

May 31 2022 • 39 mins

This is not your average love story.

He was destined for greatness. His father believed he was so talented he would literally change the world. He was breaking world records before he was even a professional athlete. One of his first major sponsors sort of implied he might... end racism?!

There was a lot of pressure on Tiger Woods in the first half of his career. His parents, his sponsors, his supporters, and even people who’d previously never watched a second of golf in their lives, were watching with baited breath.

But he just wouldn’t crack. Whether it was the final putt in a Masters tournament or an interview question in poor taste, Tiger Woods just wouldn’t make a wrong step. He even married the perfect woman in Elin Nordegren: beautiful, intelligent, poised, and endlessly supportive.

Oh, and then he became the centre of the biggest, most ludicrous sex scandal in modern history overnight. When it rains it pours, right?

How did Tiger Woods fall from grace so very, very hard? And how on earth did he keep the whole thing a secret for so long? Did Elin know all along? And what’s changed in the decade since?


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