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The Stats Following Wildcard Weekend That You WANT to Keep Winning!
Jan 16 2024
The Stats Following Wildcard Weekend That You WANT to Keep Winning!
Chris Fox (@ThatEFINshow) and NFL writer Adam Hulse (@AdamHulseSports) bring you all the news, stats and data to help you WIN your fantasy and DFS weekends! Go to and take advantage of the all-season special, join The Fox Force to get every stat you need to win, win, win, all 2024 long! Get all the Adam you can handle at for the best NFL insight and analysis available...and it's 100% free! This Morning After the Wild Card Weekend: -"The" amazing Texans -A "bitter" ending for Miami -"Same ol" in Dallas -The Mighty roar heard round the league -The Steel Curtain can't hide Allen's skillset -Air raid in Tampa 00:01 Intro 02:30 Wildcard Impressions 07:06 #browns blow at #texans 09:50 #dolphins frozen fish at #chiefs 12:50 #packers LOVE Jones at #cowboys #SOB 17:52 #rams Nuka-it at emotional #Lions 20:23 Tomlin’s #steelers at Allen’s #bills 24:13 Ugly #eagles at Baker’s big #bucs show 28:28 Statline Express- Wildcard Stats and Facts! 30:22 Fantasy QB stats that earn $$$ 33:45 QB Wildcard Top 10 39:40 RB Wildcard facts that make dollars 44:05 RB Top 10 Wildcards 47:05 Wildcard WR stats = CA$H 54:38 WR Wildcard Top 10 1:00:45 The Pulse w/ Hulse! 3 #nfl game breaking-?s for NFL writer @AdamHulse 1:01:35 Which Wildcard losing coaches are moving on? 1:11:10 How will Wildcard teams look different next year? 1:14:54 Did the “right” teams win this weekend? 1:17:27 Playoff stats, data and analysis to help you WIN this weekend! All the stories, the most relevant stats to make you money this Playoff season...and MORE! Every Tuesday at 930am est on The Fantasy Sports Corporation channel! Powered by The Armchair! Join the Fox Force now to get all the data and stats you want to win next season! Go to for today's insane deal! #fantasyfootball #sports #playoffs @TheFantasySportsCorp @ThatEFINShow