Ep 427 | Rocketman Speaks on Johnny Deep Case & Hollywood is Losing

Chewing the Fat with Jeff Fisher

27-07-2020 • 56 mins

Hollywood lost a lot of people over the weekend. Who's even alive still? RIP to all that passed away over the weekend. The Family is not meeting this weekend in DC to talk about the future of tech and social media. Friends have a jackpot pack and it came true. Rocketman aka Elon Musks speaks after his name appears on the Johnny Deep case. Also Elon is in trouble after a couple of tweets and the world is upset. Jeffy and Kris Cruz talk about tv shows and how to be a successful actor. This Week Sponsor: Get your life back with Relief Factor and its 3-Week Quick Start for only $19.95. If you are in pain, what have you got to lose? Go to https://www.relieffactor.com Subscribe on YouTube Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices