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A chat about body image with Charley Ann
Aug 14 2020
A chat about body image with Charley Ann
Hello lovely people, I'm really excited for this week's episode because I got the opportunity to chat with Charley Ann ( who is amazing, and the perfect guest for talking about everything body image related.  It's a long episode but it's so worthy to listen to it all!  Trigger Warning (TW): -body image, gaining weight, losing weight, counting calories, eating disorders, sizes- We talk about body image throughout history, the body positivity movement and why most of us should call ourselves allies, the importance of normalizing gaining weight, the diet culture, some of Charley's fav people on social media, and a LOT more! I really hope this episode will inspire you and will make you learn something new, because many of the things that we talk about in here are not usually discussed on the media, which then cause as a result a lot of ignorance and lack of awareness around these topics.   Also check out Charley's Youtube channel! Some of the people that Charley mentions in the episode (you can check them out on her stories on Instagram): I hope you have an amazing day and I'll see you next week!  C xx