EP 049 Kai Roer Talks About Human Behaviour and Human Factors in Security

The Security Circle

Nov 30 2023 • 55 mins

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Kai Roer
Widely considered as the leading authority on the topic of security culture, Kai Roer is a best-selling author, an award-winning speaker, and a serial entrepreneur.

Currently serving as CEO at Praxis Security Labs, an innovative security software company which he co-founded in 2023, Kai has been providing actionable advice grounded in empirical evidence to public and private organizations around the world since the 1990s.

Kai is dedicated to improving the knowledge and understanding of the human factors that influence security and the organizational impact they have, and in recent years has focused on helping organizations understand what culture they currently have, what culture they would like to have, and more importantly, how to get there. In 2010, he created the Security Culture Framework (SCF), a framework and methodology to build and maintain security culture, which he later gifted to the open-source community. The SCF evolved into several spin-offs, including the Cybersecurity Culture Framework by The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA).

In 2015, Kai founded CLTRe, the world’s first SaaS-platform built to measure and manage an organization’s security culture, which was acquired by KnowBe4 in 2019. After which, Kai served as their Chief Research Officer, where he led a team of researchers that focused on bridging the gap between theory and practice and collaborated with both academia and other industry leaders on numerous well-received publications.

As best-selling author, an award-winning speaker, and guest expert lecturer, Kai works with the information security community on a global stage. He has written and co-written several best-selling books, including The Security Culture Playbook (Wiley, 2022) and Build a Security Culture (IT-Governance, 2015), which are recognized globally as the leading resources for industry leaders and practitioners to understand and learn how to improve security culture. Thanks to his invaluable contributions to the industry and unique background which combines leadership, communication, and technology, he is a popular keynote speaker, expert lecturer and makes frequent appearances in national and international media (newsprint, radio and TV) and on a variety of podcasts.

Kai focuses on presenting complex challenges in easy-to-understand language, and explains security in ways that resonate with non-security people. Throughout his career, Kai has received several awards, including the Ron Knode Service Award by the Cloud Security Alliance CSA for his extensive volunteer work for the security community around the world.

When Kai is not working, he enjoys spending time outdoors, riding his motorcycles and BBQing with his family and friends.

You can connect with Kai at www.linkedin.com/in/kairoer.

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