Appellate Attorney & Author - M.C. Sungaila - S3E28

Legally Speaking Podcast

08-02-2021 • 26 mins

This week on the Legally Speaking Podcast, our host Robert Hanna welcomed M.C. Sungaila onto the show.

M.C. Sungaila is an Appellate Chair at Buchalter, and based in California. She's also an award-winning author, having published two non-law books in her spare time.

For her legal work, she's won numerous awards, including the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and the Distinguished Service Award from the Women Lawyers' Association of Los Angeles. M.C. also holds multiple leadership positions on the boards of local community and bar organisations.

In this episode, she shares:

  • Her reasons for becoming an appellate lawyer
  • Why she decided to write two non-law books in her free time
  • The experience of moving firms in a pandemic
  • More on her mentoring and training initiative
  • Why she does so much pro-bono work, and some of the highlights of this
  • Her key pieces advice for young legal professionals and aspiring lawyers

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