Hometown Hot Rodder & HHR Unplugged Podcasts

Brian & Friends

Welcome to something new!! We are pleased to bring you Hometown Entertainment Podcasts, a one-stop shop for all of your favorite shows - From The ”OGs” of ”Hometown Hot Rodder”, to ”Hometown Hot Rodder - Ric’s Place”, to ”HHR Unplugged” where we feature musicians of all genres, both seasoned vets and up & coming artists, and more shows to come, you’ll be able to find whichever flavor of Hometown Entertainment you’re looking for right here in one tidy package!! So find your favorite show, listen and download, follow it on social media, and buy the merch so we can keep bringing you awesome content!!! And as always, we are constantly seeking sponsors & advertisers - Have your business promoted on all the shows, as well as special promotional posts from all of our artists on HHR Unplugged!!! ***REMEMBER***, advertising expenses are a great card to have up your sleeve come tax time.... read less