5:36 - Mama Systems with Laura Hernandez

The Family Culture Movement

16-02-2021 • 32 mins

Laura Hernandez helps mamas implement customized systems in their homes so that they can live more peaceful and intentional lives.  Laura is the owner of Mama Systems and the mother of ten children. In the last five years, she and her husband have added six children to their family - three biological and three adopted. Three of Laura's children attend public school, she homeschools five, and she manages 20+ appointments a week for her three special needs children. Laura is dedicated to helping women bring more peace to their homes. Designing customized systems that help a family run more smoothly and reduce a mother's daily work load is her specialty. In this episode, Laura and I talked about creating a team mentality in the family and lessening entitlement, and how to create systems that empower your children to help and to take responsibility for things in the house and clear expectations of the workload.  The workload of the mama doing it all, not only wares her down but the ripple effects of that ooze out to the whole family. Your children begin to act entitled, and aren't learning the skills of responsibility, gaining confidence through work, nor how to care for themselves and contribute to the family like a team.  When kids are taught these skills, the load can be distributed to the whole family. Everyone wins! Connect with Laura at mamasystems.net @mamasystems facebook.com/mamasystems.net Get more resources for your intentional family culture by joining the Family Success Toolbox at http://www.homeandfamilyculture./ (www.homeandfamilyculture.com) or Text CULTURE to (917) 905-8801.