6:3 - Expressing Individuality with Whitney Bean

The Family Culture Movement

03-08-2021 • 35 mins

Whitney Bean is a wellness and life coach. Her business is to help moms to find balance and to listen to their natural instincts and experiences in order to then show up as the most authentic and genuine version of themselves. She passionately believes that they can then in turn utilize those tools and skills to create an intentional home that can also find balance, peace, and flow. A mom of 4 kids ages 1-10, Whitney loves to dig into the messy, stressful, and dramatic areas of her client's lives so that she can help them to organize, evaluate, and find balance from the inside out. Whitney is passionate about building a home-based intentional, natural, and practical principles that bring peace, unity, and balance. Whitney and I talked about how she thinks the concept of "hard work" in order to get what you want is something that is culturally stuck. When we work with our natural capability to feel and experience and blossom as individuals, creating amazing outcomes and results is a wonderful side effect. You can push through and work like crazy to get there, but if you check in and come from a place of balance, you'll get there as a genuine and natural bi-product of living an intentional life. A suggested solution to counteract the over-emphasis on pushing hard work is setting up systems that will regularly check in with each member of the family and help the family to feel like a supported family unit. Each member is responsible for their emotions, actions, and interactions. When the home acts as its own organism, that overall balance will create flow and help the family to achieve goals and outcomes that they might have otherwise pushed to get done. For example, growing a garden as a family--you could push each family member to get garden chores done, or you could spend time together in the garden where naturally pulling weeds and checking on the plants is a comfortable and fun time together. As moms learn to check in regularly and allow space to feel and respond, they're genuine and connected. They're at peace in the present moment and there's no better gift that you can give your kids day to day than them seeing you self-care easily and be with them. After a health crisis in her 20s, Whitney started learning to look inward for solutions. For two years she searched for solutions outward through medications and testing. When that didn't work she started leaning toward holistic remedies. This is the approach Whitney takes with her wellness clients. She helps you connect inward to create your solutions. Whitney has provided a freebie inside of the Family Leadership Toolbox which you can access by logging in at https://bit.ly/FamilyCultureLeadership. Her freebie is a "Restoring Balance" download to help you define what balance looks like in four areas of your life. To connect with Whitney, go to www.whitneybean.com