5:39 - Empowering Your Children to Speak with Jackie Bailey

The Family Culture Movement

09-03-2021 • 42 mins

Growing up in a family culture of abuse and neglect, Jackie Bailey was told "Don't tell." With her self-esteem crushed, and her voice silenced, she withdrew.  Years later, faced with the necessity to use her voice to save a life, Jackie realized the importance of being heard. As the executive director of the Speak Feed Lead Project (a nonprofit serving children and adults), Jackie's mission today is to help others find their voice and speak their message with power. Jackie is the author of SELF-Centered Leadership: Becoming Influential, Intentional, and Exceptional. She is an international speaker, mentor, and trainer who has developed public speaking and leadership curriculum and teaches 100's of children, teens, and adults in a virtual classroom. Inspiring her students to discover their story, value their culture, and develop empathy for others is an essential part of the mission of The Speak Feed Lead Project. Children are undervalued as a source of inspiration. They've been taught this as well, leading them to internalize their feelings without the skills to share them properly. Communication is not optional. When parents and children don't communicate it leads to misinterpretation, misinformation, and misperception. The solution is helping children, teens and adults to examine their values, discover their stories, and learn to use their voice for good. Parents love when children answer questions with actual words rather than grunts or "whatever". Conversation and listening skills are the foundation to clear and concise communication. Governments spend millions of dollars on youth programs, and it's not working. The stats regarding juvenile justice, foster care, and homelessness are astounding in their proof of failure. The programs I offer is a new idea, and has had incredible results. Jackie shares her experience growing up in an abusive situation and how it has led her to work to empower children to use their voices to speak up for themselves, and to make a difference! The Speak Feed Lead Project is a 501(c)(3) corporation transforming children, teens and adults to SPEAK with power, FEED others in word and deed, and LEAD with positive influence Connect with Jackie at www.SpeakFeedLead.Org Get more resources for your intentional family culture by joining the Family Success Toolbox at http://www.homeandfamilyculture./ (www.homeandfamilyculture.com) or Text CULTURE to (917) 905-8801.