5:42 - Empowering Your Introverts with Sandra Etherington

The Family Culture Movement

30-03-2021 • 36 mins

Sandra Etherington is a mom of a 5 year old and an 8 year old. She is the owner of Family Personalities and the co-host of the Family Personalities podcast, a fun and sometimes cheesy podcast, that uses personality type to help change the way you see your family. Sandra uses her experience and training in Myers-Briggs personality type, to work one on one with families, helping them parent more effectively and peacefully based on their children's unique wiring and needs.  Sandra works with families and personality type. Specifically, she uses the Myers-Briggs personality type model to change the way parents relate to themselves and their children. When you understand your children's personality types, you can better honor their needs and help them grow up happy and fulfilled. When you understand your own personality type and that of our parenting partner, we can communicate and work better together to improve the overall family dynamic. There is a favoring of extraversion in our dominant culture despite the fact that there are slightly more people who prefer introversion in the world. Sandra and I go into this facet in our children and how kids who prefer introversion have differing needs from those who prefer extraversion.  Sandra goes into understanding the brain mechanisms behind introversion/extraversion and how to work specific tips into your parenting for your Introversion kiddos (and some for your extraversion kiddos too!) When you expect your children to operate in their less comfortable way (i.e. expecting a child who prefers Introversion to act more like an extravert) you are causing them chronic stress. Understanding that your children need to fill their buckets by operating in their preferred way before they can stretch and grow is an important aspect of what Sandra does when she works with type & families.  Learn more about Sandra's work by heading over to her website at www.familypersonalities.com Get more resources for your intentional family culture by joining the Family Success Toolbox at http://www.homeandfamilyculture./ (www.homeandfamilyculture.com) or Text CULTURE to (917) 905-8801.