Finding a Healthy Balance Between Business and Personal Life with Olga Chin

Business and Happiness

Nov 3 2022 • 29 mins

Finding a Healthy Balance Between Business and Personal Life with Olga Chin

Are you wondering how you can find a balance between your business and personal life? You are not alone. Even the most successful entrepreneurs are constantly asking how they can strike a healthy balance between the two. The one key secret is getting organized. If you are not an organized entrepreneur, you can't make enough balance between your business and personal life.

Join me in this exciting episode of the Business and Happiness Podcast as I engage with Olga Chin and chat about how she has successfully handled her family,  personal happiness, and business. Some healthy tips she shares with us in this episode include utilizing assistance, setting regular business hours and days, embracing failures, setting aside time for your personal life, learning from your mistakes, and walking with a support network.

Olga Chin is the founder and CEO of InterPrice Technologies, Inc,  a state-of-the-art debt capital markets technology platform focused on corporate Treasury teams and their communication with underwriters. The company’s mission is to streamline all of the data into a series of intuitive dashboards and give Treasury teams the ability to make financing decisions with more power and precision. Olga is also a BA focused in Economics, Finance, and Computer Science from Princeton University.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:52] Who is Olga Chin

[03:49] It is much more fulfilling and manageable to work for yourself than be in a job

[05:56] Some amazing tips that Olga uses to shut her brain off from work

[07:42] How to create time for your family as an entrepreneur

[12:43] Why family success is the pillar to business success

[15:34] If you don’t have a support network, develop unconditional love for yourself

[17:11] How InterPrice Technologies began

[19:37] What you need to start your own business, especially moms

[24:50] Why Olga started her company

[29:15] Ending the show

Notable quotes

  • “Successful people always have a big picture of where they are headed.”-Braco Pobric.
  • “Spend time with your family. No amount of money or success can take their place”-Olga Chin.
  • “If people can’t support you, then love yourself even more.”- Olga Chin
  • “Everything starts with self-love.”-Braco Pobric
  • “There is no success without failures.”-Braco Pobric
  • “Do the hard work that generates value to people, and money will follow you.”-Braco Pobric
  • “If you have a goal, walk towards it every day”- Olga Chin
  • “Never compare yourself with other people, be your own comparison”-Braco Pobric

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