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Website: | One of the COVID-19’s most powerful effects has been its ability to hold up a mirror to our society, both, at a global level, but also a deeply personal one, showing us things in ourselves that we have long avoided or prefer not to see. While this pandemic will pass, we cannot expect life to simply return to the way it was before. It is more important than ever before for us to imagine futures in which the scars may remain, but we are changed by this experience to be more resilient and look to the future with hope. Welcome to "Stories From a Pandemic", a podcast by Sangath’s ‘It’s Ok To Talk’ project. Sangath is a leading mental health research and advocacy organization in India. Through each episode, we talk with young people across India about their experiences in the pandemic, and how despite the unprecedented circumstances they faced, they found ways to look ahead with hope. In each episode, we consider from a personal, research, and policy perspective, how the COVID-19 pandemic offers us a historic opportunity to examine a range of challenges related to how young people live, learn and work, and transform our approach to addressing their mental health concerns for the long-term. You can call Sangath's free tele-counselling helpline at 011-41198666 (10AM-4PM daily) for mental health support. read less

Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention
Trigger Warning: This episode includes stories and descriptions of suicide, some contents may be upsetting or trigger an adverse reaction. Listener discretion is advised.The effects of COVID-19 are much beyond just medical concerns, and will long outlast the infection itself.  Adapting to lockdowns, remote studies, unemployment, unstable housing, and the potential of family sickness and loss comprise a range of stresses, in addition to non-pandemic-specific suicide risk factors. These in turn may increase vulnerability to depression, anxiety, and trauma-related disorders and therefore suicide risk, especially among vulnerable adolescents and young people.In this episode, we talk to Dr Soumitra Pathare, Director, Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy, who tells us that COVID-19 presents a crucial period to focus on political will, financial investments, and the global community vital imperative of suicide prevention. We also hear from Raashi Thakran, a mental health advocate who led a petition asking the Government of India to launch a National Helpline Number for Suicide Prevention and E Tharun Sai, a 21-year-old suicide survivor building a mental health startup, findhope.inIf you or someone you know is at risk of suicide, there is help! You can visit Sangath’s COVID-19 Well-being Center on or call 011-41198666 for support. Episode Contributors: Dr Soumitra Pathare, Raashi Thakran, E Tharun Sai Host: Pattie Gonsalves  Produced in New Delhi by Faith Gonsalves  Audio and music produced by Ishaan Gandhi  A project of Mann Mela, Sangath, supported by the Wellcome Trust Artwork by Natasha Yadav