RRU 056: React Conf 2018 with Adam Laycock

React Round Up

Apr 9 2019 • 56 mins



  • Charles Max Wood
  • Nader Dabit
  • Justin Bennett

Joined by Special Guest: Adam Laycock


Adam Laycock describes his experience at React conf 2018, the atmosphere, the people and the talks. The panel shares how the approach conferences, taking notes, getting to know people, accessing information and getting out of their comfort zone. Adam shares some of the major topics covered at including, hooks, suspense, and concurrent rendering. The panel considers these topics and React conferences they look forward to attending. The episode ends with the panel comparing Angular and React, conferences, upgrades, and routers for React.



Charles Max Wood

Nader Dabit

Justin Bennett

Adam Laycock

Special Guest: Adam Laycock.

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