[Top Agency Series] Turning Objections Into Sales With Rohan Sheth, Co-Founder and CEO of GrowRev

INspired INsider Podcast

Oct 7 2021 • 40 mins

Rohan Sheth is the Co-founder and CEO of GrowRev, a digital agency that helps companies grow their businesses online. They've handled over $100 million in ad spend for 1000s of companies resulting in over $600 million in returns. Rohan founded GrowRev with Matt Farmer.

Rohan's sales journey began in high school when he imported pocket bikes and sold them to his friends. He cut his teeth selling $13,000 education packages door to door, and in a few short months, was the "go-to" guy to close impossible leads. Since then, Rohan has worked with companies like Clickfunnels, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and many more.

In this episode…

One-on-one selling is brutal, but imagine having to do it going door-to-door. The chances are that you’ll face rejection nine times out of 10, but by the time you become good at selling, you’d have mastered the art of dealing with rejections. That’s precisely the story of today’s guest, Rohan Sheth.

Rohan takes us back to the time he did door-to-door sales, where he was rejected often. He talks about the mindset needed to continue and how he flipped those rejections to close sales. Although he now makes one-to-many sales, Rohan uses the lessons he learned from door-to-door sales to overcome objections today. Want to hear about all of these lessons?

Listen to this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast with Dr. Jeremy Weisz featuring Rohan Sheth, Co-founder and CEO of GrowRev. They discuss Rohan’s sales experience, lessons about overcoming rejection, his foray into direct response marketing, what copywriting greats like Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy taught him, and how he’s using all of that to help companies grow. Stay tuned.