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The best accidental Star Wars Podcast this side of the galaxy. We're just simple clones making our way; like our father before us. Join hosts Jon, Charlie, and Lito in their fight against the Clankas while they take you on a ride through that galaxy far, far away. We bring to you weekly discussions about the latest Star Wars content and news. From the George Lucas timeline to Disney, we’ve got it covered with deep dives, breakdowns of new shows or movies, reviews on books and games, cosplaying, comic cons, games, and more! read less

#104 Star Wars Podcast Day!!!
#104 Star Wars Podcast Day!!!
Cats supposedly have 9 lives and Ki-Adi-Mundi has 9 wives… confirmed. And 2 brains… Let’s not forget his love for the Wookiees. Maybe he’s married to one? Speaking of Wookiees, GUNGI!! GUNGI is in The Bad Batch!! First, we need to take a moment and recognize the date February 7th. This date marks the anniversary of when Star Wars Podcasts premiered with a show called Jedi Talk back in 1999 and we, along with all the other Star Wars Podcasts, join together to honor them. Without them, there would be no us. So thank you and cheers to Jedi Talk for starting this ride in 1999!! We heart you! Charlie and Jon also briefly discuss what got them into podcasting!! #StarWarsPodcastDay2023  #SWPD2023  We’re also talking a little about the last two episodes of The Bad Batch “Entombed” and “Tribe” which were both fun little adventures. Charlie went to an event over in the UK called Echo Base Live and we get to hear all about it!! We’re also talking Star Wars toys, Daisy Ridley, Star Wars Celebration and much much more!! You really don’t want to miss the fun!! Contact us – @clonearmyradio on Twitter and Instagram Charlie - @runningbacktojakku on Instagram Jon - @GrandAdmiralJon on Twitter If you’re interested in Crime Thrillers, check out Jon’s short story on Amazon -