Establishing Your Personal & Business Brand with Coach Shweta Pandey

Confident Storytelling Podcast

Jul 31 2023 • 38 mins

In this episode of the Confident Storytelling podcast, we are featuring a guest named Coach Shweta Pandey. In the episode, Coach Shweta shares her journey and experiences as a brand and positioning expert for entrepreneurs. She is also a certified life coach, author, public speaker, TV host, and brand strategist.

Coach Shweta talks about how she started her career with telemarketing, then moved on to different roles, including sales and customer care. She shares her experiences of working in Dubai and how it opened her eyes to the power of branding and innovation in creating a successful venture.

The episode delves into the importance of building a personal brand and a strong business brand. Coach Shweta emphasizes the need to have a clear brand identity, a unique value proposition, and a promise that aligns with the quality and experience customers can expect. She highlights the importance of delivering more than what is promised to build trust and loyalty with customers.

She also discusses her passion for coaching and helping others, and how coaching can bring positive changes in people's lives. She shares the importance of being vulnerable and authentic as a coach and the impact it can have on clients. The episode covers various aspects of branding, entrepreneurship, and personal development, with Coach Shweta providing valuable insights and tips throughout the conversation.

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