#66: How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer ft. Face & Lens

Wedding Wednesdays with weddingsonline

Sep 13 2023 • 15 mins

A very important decision you’ll need to make is choosing your wedding photographer. Did you know that out of everyone you’ll interact with on your wedding day, you are most likely to spend the MOST time with your photographer! So you want to make sure you enjoy their company. The photos they capture will also be the ones that live on forever. These will be the photos that you frame and display in your home for years and years to come. So you want to choose somebody whose style speaks to you.

Today I’m joined by Wassim from Face & Lens Photography who will pop in throughout the episode and help us with expert advice on how to choose your wedding photographer.

Face & Lens: https://www.weddingsonline.ie/suppliers/faceandlens

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