Options Bootcamp 17: Should I Buy, or Should I Sell?

Options Boot Camp

26-02-2013 • 56 mins

Options 101: The quintessential options debate -- buy options or sell them?

  • Many options professionals lean toward "when in doubt palms out."
  • Simplify the options universe into two segments of risk: directional risk and volatility risk.
  • The use of delta and other Greeks when deciding or analyzing when to buy or sell options.
  • Short premium pros and cons
  • Long premium pros and cons

Mail Call: Recruits are asking a lot of questions.

  • Question from Tim Nagerty:Mark and the other drill instructors have repeatedly stressed portfolio margin on this program, but I'm somewhat confused by this concept. Can the hosts explain the benefits of PM for an options trader? I have about $70k in my trading account right now. Is it worth it for me to transfer in the extra $30k to me the $100k limit to qualify for PM? Lastly, does SogoTrade/Wang Investments offer PM for its customers? Thanks, love the show!
  • Question from Allison S., Spokane, WA: I thank you all for this wonderful program. Do you have any plans to take Options Bootcamp "on the road?" I'd love to meet you all in person.
  • Question from Joey Beltran: I've heard the term "backspread" a few times. Where do it come from? What does it mean? How do you use them?