85 not out! Top 5 Reasons To Start A Malayalam Podcast in 2022

The Malayali Podcast

25-07-2022 • 14 mins

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Since almost two years ago, I've been hosting my first podcast. Along with recording a solo & interview podcast every week for my show, I am honoured to know that my podcast has been downloaded more than 150k times.

Top 5 Reasons To Start A Malayalam Podcast in 2022

  1. To build an audience.
  2. As a result, organic traffic is generated.
  3. Getting started doesn't cost much.
  4. To promote your products or services.
  5. Your show can generate income.

A podcast can effectively communicate your message to your target audience and is a great marketing tool. As a result of podcasting, you will be able to position yourself as an expert in your field, which will lead to the development of your client list of fans that you already know, like, and trust. It is a great way to share your ideas, thoughts, and solutions with potential customers through a podcast. a podcast. Podcasts are also great for building authority and credibility with potential customers.