How to BalanceYour Brain Hemispheres: A Powerful Exercise

Limbic Light Podcast

Nov 16 2023 • 24 mins

Ever felt like your brain is working against you? In today's episode, Maniisha Bluntschli, explains a short powerful daily exercise which helps to harmonise the left and right hemispheres of your brain.

Maniisha explains the fascinating science of neural programming and its profound impact on how we function, mentally and physically.

Moving on from the theory, Maniisha  dives straight into the step-by-step practice  of this brain-balancing exercise, pointing out the significance of acupuncture points and their role in our nervous system.

She explains the significance of using eye movements to help process emotional memories,  touches on the renowned therapies  such as EMDR and Syntonics which  also leverage eye movements to manage emotions and mental health.

By the end of this episode, you'll have a potent daily exercise to balance your brain hemispheres and regulate your emotions.

To assist in learning the process, Maniisha has provided a visual guide as a free resource (see below).

2:20Chiropractors specialise in neural reprogramming.
2:36     Encouraging left and right brain hemispheres to connect & communicate
3:05     Left & right sides of brain functions
3:26     Lateral light therapy
4:47     Altered states of consciousness & brain hemispheres
5:48     Two parts  to the exercise - stimulate key acup-neural points plus eye movements
6:25     Eye movements important for brain & neural reprogramming
6:38     EMDR Therapy
7:54     Syntontics & eye movements
8:30     Eyes & brain tissue share same origin
9:04     Overview of the exercise
10:03   Key acupuncture points near the mouth
13:39   First phase of the exercise
16:49   Second phase of the exercise
19:04   Third phase of the exercise
19:50   Autonomic nervous system and its effects

Download your free video guide to demonstrate & learn this exercise HERE
Download your free PDF, written document explaining steps of this exerciseHERE

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