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Robin Sharma's Personal Transformation Story [6-Minute Episode]
4d ago
Robin Sharma's Personal Transformation Story [6-Minute Episode]
2023 marks year #28 for me in the field of leadership and personal optimization. Why do I continue to work so hard on my craft and my online courses and my keynote speeches and the books that I write? For YOU.I was a litigation lawyer. I was laughed at for wanting to share a message that would uplift citizens and leaders. My first seminar had 23 people. 21 were family members. To many, my vision and I were a joke. Yet, fortune favours the devoted. And destiny supports the brave. It just DOES. And so I continued. As MUST you. And via my steady, daily service and hard work, something “micro-magical” began to happen… …people started to read my books. And tell everyone they knew about my work. And companies started asked me to speak at their conferences. And the movement started to grow. I’ll be 60 in the not so distant future. Friends ask me if I’ll retire soon. I smile. “Why would I give up my oxygen?” To lead is to serve, yes? I still feel like a beginner. Much work left to do. Many places left to explore. More books still to write. Good people left to help. After winning the first two games in the final championship series, Kobe Bryant was asked why he wasn’t smiling. “Job not done.”If you’d like to learn the tools, habits and daily routines of warriors, billionaires, sages and superstars then read (or listen to) The Everyday Hero Manifesto today. It’s a life-changing book. Get it here.FOLLOW ROBIN SHARMA:InstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube