Mahabharat Ch. 18 : The Triumph of Peace: Pandavas' Return and Khandavaprastha's Revival


Jan 9 2024 • 4 mins

The episode unfolds as news of Draupadi's swayamvara reaches Hastinapura. Vidura's joy turns to confusion when Dhritarashtra mistakenly believes Duryodhana won the swayamvar. Amid growing tensions and Duryodhana's jealousy, various futile strategies are proposed. Bhishma and Drona advocate for peace, but Karna insists on a direct attack. After much deliberation, Dhritarashtra, influenced by Bhishma and Drona, decides to welcome the Pandavas and give them half the kingdom. Vidura is sent to Panchala, faces skepticism, but eventually gains trust. The Pandavas return, half the kingdom is granted, and peace is established in Hastinapur.