11. Acting on a Dream: Timothy Spall

RNLI 200 Voices

Aug 27 2023 • 15 mins

After being given days to live, Timothy Spall vowed that if he ever recovered he would get a boat – he did both. Hear about his close encounters

Actor Timothy Spall isn’t short of maritime material. He once almost tethered his boat to a WW2 wreck housing 1,400 tonnes of high explosives. And once navigated what Admiral Nelson regarded as the most dangerous stretch of water he’d ever encountered. Whatever the sea throws at them, Tim and his wife – Shane – have a tried-and-tested way of keeping their cool. What’s their secret?

200 Voices is produced by Adventurous Audio for the RNLI Interview by the RNLI’s Eleanor Driscoll Soundtrack composed and performed by Jon Nicholls The RNLI is a charity celebrating 200 years of saving lives at sea - find out more at RNLI.org/200