Perverted Podcast

Count Boogie

A humorous show about kinky sex, mental health and building better relationships and play scenes. The stronger you are as a person, the better your sexual exploration will be and the better quality of person you will attract. We hope to entertain, educate and support our listeners with our real life experiences, wins and failures, so that you can know you are surely not alone! NSFW!!! We are NOT a show for kids! We talk about sex, kinks and harsh mental illness. WE BELIEIVE in awful non-pc jokes, because they help us cope with situations in life we are powerless over. YOU WILL BE OFFENDED...and so will we!! Listener discretion is advised! Every week you can hear Count Boogie, Kathy, and all the other Perverted Podcast characters unleash their wisdom/clever bullpoop, comedy and lust on the world in hopes of showing people that it's not only OK to be your own sexual self...but it's amazingly freakin' fun! read less