Jai Punjabi: Soul Curriculum

Meditative Story

Jan 10 2023 • 23 mins

Staying connected with our loved ones is not always easy, especially if, like Jai Punjabi, you live far away from home. As a founder of Wait What, the company behind Meditative Story, Jai’s work in New York means his once-a-year visit to the family home in Bombay, India, is precious time. Made even more so by the food he eats when he’s there with his family. But what makes the dishes so delicious? Join Rohan and Jai as they unpack the ways in which the spirit of culinary improvisation, and putting trust in the process, can translate from the kitchen to the rest of our lives.

Each episode of Meditative Story combines the emotional pull of first-person storytelling with immersive music and gentle mindfulness prompts. Read the transcript for this story: https://meditativestory.com/jai-punjabi-soul-curriculum/

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