Waking up to change: Stories of hearing the call

Meditative Story

Dec 15 2022 • 22 mins

Over a tiny table in a crowded bar … on a bike crossing at the Mexican border … standing at the edge of a windswept cliff: There are places and moments where life comes into crystal-clear focus, and you realize something (or maybe everything) needs to change. In this episode, we've collected 4 powerful, personal stories of wake-up calls, when the universe showed these storytellers an entirely new perspective on the world that they could not ignore — and life was never the same again. May these stories support you in embracing your own gear shifts with grace and curiosity.

Listen to the full episodes here:

David Duchovny: "When the student is ready, the master may be long gone": http://listen.meditativestory.com/Duchovny_WWs

Ginger Zee: "I’m not just observing the winds, I’m riding them": https://listen.meditativestory.com/GZee

Mickey Guyton: "Embracing what makes me different": http://listen.meditativestory.com/MickeyGuytonWW

Joe Wicks: "Riding 2000 miles to find my purpose": ​​https://listen.meditativestory.com/JoeWicksMS

Read the transcript for this story: https://meditativestory.com/waking-up-calls/

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