Episode 11 - 2023 PRODUCT LAUNCH

Beers 'N' Bucks Podcast

Feb 3 2023 • 51 mins

Mike and Tim go over the new products for 2023 along reintroduce Liquid Courage. These products are like nothing else we have in the lineup. You aren't going to want to miss them.

Mother Load - MotherLoad™ is a special Bean and Pea Mix designed to provide high levels of protein rich, heat tolerant and drought tolerant food for your deer all Spring, Summer and Fall.

Hall Pass - Hall Pass™ is a special mix of Grains, Legumes and Brassicas, planted late Summer to offer incredible, long-lasting green forage all Fall and Winter.

Dirty Deeds - Dirty Deeds™ Soil Conditioner is a humic-based solution sprayed onto the soil to help planters optimize their soil condition to aid in growing the perfect food plot!

Liquid Courage - Liquid Courage™ Foliar Fertilizer is designed to be sprayed directly on the plants in your food plot to help maximize growth and forage production - allowing your property to hold and feed more deer.

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