The OWL Vision Justice Podcast

OpenWise Learning

The OWL Vision Justice Podcast is the official podcast of OpenWise Learning (OWL). OWL is a youth development organization working to develop underserved, underrepresented, and underestimated youth into socially conscious and active leaders empowered by their mastery of STEM. Like OWL, this podcast sits at the intersection between STEM education, Social Justice, and Ecological Justice. Each week, we'll discuss topics in the news and how they relate to a vision of "A more just, renewable, and prosperous world." We'll talk about our favorite STEM facts from the week. And most weeks, we'll bring you interviews and profiles of People of Color (PoCs) working in STEM fields, leaders and activists working for social justice, and experts in topics like Tech Diversity, education equity, anti-racism, and ecological justice. read less