David Fincher | 10

History of the 90s

26-01-2022 • 32 mins

In the 1990’s director David Fincher brought us classic movies like Seven and Fight Club, making his mark on the industry as one the best film makers of his generation.  But Fincher’s impact on the decade stretches beyond movies.  Through dozens of TV commercials and music videos Fincher helped style the 90s.  On this episode of History of the 90s host Kathy Kenzora looks back at the auteur director’s impact on the decade.    Guest:    Adam Nayman, author of David Fincher: Mind Games  Twitter: @brofromanother  Contact:    Twitter: @1990shistory  Facebook: @1990shistory  Instagram: @that90spodcast  Email:  90s@curiouscast.ca  Blog:  www.historyofthe90sblog.ca  For exclusive bonus content subscribe to History of the 90s Patreon page.: https://patreon.com/historyofthe90s Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices