Britpop and Cool Britannia Part 2 | 53

History of the 90s

Nov 15 2023 • 31 mins

On this episode of History of the 90s, part two of our look back at the rise and fall of Brit Pop and Cool Britannia. In the 1990s all areas of British culture underwent a massive re-birth. A new wave of pop music swept the nation, the film industry was booming, the fashion world was alive with fresh new talent and a group of non-conformist Young British Artists was taking the art world by storm. Even a younger, cooler Prime Minister had moved in to 10 Downing Street. Show contact info: X (formerly Twitter): @1990shistory Facebook: @1990shistory Instagram: @that90spodcast Email: Guest Info: Daniel Rachel, 90s musician turned award-winning author. His book is called: Don’t Look Back in Anger: The Rise and Fall of Cool Britannia Told by Those Who Were There. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit