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Relax Its Just Cannabis

A THC and CBD infused podcast for mature Cannabis enthusiasts. A mix of interviews, news recap, product reviews, hot topics and tips to optimize marijuana smoking for the experienced cannabis consumer and the newly cannabis curious alike. An informative and entertaining podcast for the grown and sexy who've always enjoyed smoking weed as well as those looking to enhance their smoking experiences by taking a deeper dive into premium cannabis. We're evolving weed culture from the "stoner age" into a "growner" age. Out of the dark age and into the LIT age. So if you're a newbie or a flower child, WELCOME... Join us for a sesh. Relax... Roll one, smoke one and trip with us as we laugh and learn more about premium cannabis and the things we need to know and have to best enjoy it. I you're a casual smoker or passionate about cannabis this is YOUR podcast. So enjoy it! And remember... Keep cannabis classy. read less

Prerolls: The Best Introduction to Cannabis for Beginners - How to Choose the Best Prerolls with the Honeybee Collective's Chris Becker
Prerolls: The Best Introduction to Cannabis for Beginners - How to Choose the Best Prerolls with the Honeybee Collective's Chris Becker
PRE ROLLS: The Best Introduction to Cannabis for Beginners. Now... for all the beginners and newbies to cannabis. For all those curious about cannabis who have finally decided to do their selves a favor and give it a try but your a little intimidated because you have no idea how to begin. I got you. Your new super cool cannabis friend big Larry... I got your back! Word? Word. Now... first of all... Relax. Because its easy. Its simple... Its One word... Prerolls! Because when it comes to your first experience with cannabis there's no doubt in our minds here at Relax Its Just Cannabis the mature cannabis enthusiast podcast that smoking prerolls are your best bet. Not only is it the best and easiest way to experience cannabis its also the most convenient, the safest and cheapest way to experience cannabis for the first time. After we give you a quick and easy overview of prerolls  and how to easily purchase and enjoy the best ones, we bring in a preroll expert Mr. Chris Becker from the magnificent Honeybee Collective which is a rising cannabis company in Colorado doing amazing things and operating with what we have deemed the ideal cannabis business model.  The Honeybee Collective is a cannabis company on a mission to create community wealth and a sustainable future through a more fair and equitable cannabis ecosystem. The Honey Bee collective is an employee owned, community driven and sustainable company that quarantines a living wage to all workers. Gives employees a say in company direction, reinvests 10% of profits back unto the communities where they operate. The honeybee collective creates through a consumer centric lens always seeking feedback from the community. They are creating a new business model that respects workers and the environment. After listening to this episode you'll be equipped with all you need to know to best introduce or reintroduce yourself to cannabis, purchase the best quality prerolls in your region and how to enjoy the wonderful and new experience of smoking cannabis. Thanks for checking us out... Peace.  Support the show
Cannabis Legalization, Social Equity and Reform with Shaleen Title Founder and CEO of Parabola Center
Cannabis Legalization, Social Equity and Reform with Shaleen Title Founder and CEO of Parabola Center
Shaleen Title, an Indian-American attorney and longtime drug policy activist who has been writing, passing, and implementing equitable cannabis laws for over 20 years, and the author of "Fair and Square: How to Effectively Incorporate Social Equity Into Cannabis Laws and Regulations." She is CEO and co-founder of the drug policy think tank Parabola Center, which creates model policies to protect people rather than corporate profits. She currently serves as Distinguished Cannabis Policy Practitioner in Residence at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law’s Drug Enforcement and Policy Center and as vice-chair of the Cannabis Regulators of Color Coalition. She is a frequent keynote speaker and consultant on cannabis policy and has testified before governmental bodies around the world about restorative justice in marijuana laws, and in 2021 was an honoree on the Boston Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 list. Shaleen, one of the nations foremost experts on cannabis legalization, cannabis reform, social equity and economic inclusion joins Relax Its Just Cannabis to break down, in terms we all can understand, the major cannabis legislation including SAFE, the MORE Act, the SHIP Act and CAOA . In addition we discuss the cannabis regulator process as well as the importance of grass roots organization involvement in cannabis reform and holding regulators, politicians and policy makers accountable for  social and economic equity in the exploding cannabis market. Support the show
Relax its Just Cannabis  "The LIT age" , Dr. Daniele Piomelli interview
Relax its Just Cannabis "The LIT age" , Dr. Daniele Piomelli interview
Welcome to the PREMIEIRE episode of Relax Its Just cannabis! Thanks for checking us out. We start things off with our GRINDER segment where we discuss and react to pop culture, trending social media and the bizarro world we live in. This episode in the GRINDER we BURY THE STONER AGE with a humorous eulogy by our host Big Larry Spann who was asked to speak at the Stoner Age funeral. Next is our ROLL UP segment where we normally review strains, products and mystery shop dispensaries. But for this premiere episode we discuss our research into cannabis history to provide everyone with a basic understanding of cannabis history and its symbiotic relationship with mankind. After that is our GREEN PASTURES segment where we normally discuss cannabis business, tech, legalization and the state of the cannabis industry. This episode we give a brief history of cannabis and commerce where we discover the surprising roll cannabis played in the early colonial days and how weed was integral in the development of the American monetary system. Our MUNCHIES segment follows with a brief history of cannabis and food which goes back to 2000 BC. We also give our TOP TEN MUNCHIES of all time.  And lastly, we have a special treat as we dive into our DR.  FEELGOOD segment where we talk to doctors and scientist at the leading edge of cannabis research and  treatment, discuss news from the Medical cannabis sector like CBD. And share inspiring testimonies of folks who's quality of life has been greatly improved by medical cannabis.  In this episodes DR. FEELGOOD segment we are privileged and honored to have interviewed the distinguished and world renown Neuroscientist DR. DANIELE PIOMELLI, a leader in cannabis research and how cannabis effects the brain. Again, THANKS for checking us out! Enjoy! And dont forget to share our podcast with your cannabis enthusiast friends.  Also check in and follow us on Twitter at @relax_cannabis.  And check out our videos on YouTube at Relax Its Just Cannabis. You're AWESOME! And always... Keep cannabis classy. Peace. Support the show