Ep. 50: Special 50th Episode Q&A with Keith, Tim, and Taylor

Mindful Sport Performance Podcast

11-11-2022 • 1 hr

In this episode (our 50th!), Keith, Tim, and Taylor answer frequently asked questions about mindfulness and sport performance.

Tim begins the episode with a self-compassion mediation, and then we discuss:

[8:54] – Keith and Tim reflect on their experience hosting 50 episodes of the Mindful Sport Performance Podcast

[14:16] – Kayla Hightower’s question: How does increased mindfulness enhance sport performance and what is its relationship to anxiety?

[18:45] – Reflecting on the misunderstandings and the true process of “letting go”

[26:00] – FailBetterTraining’s Question: What are some common obstacles that athletes face when learning meditation, mindfulness, visualization, etc?

[35:12] – Reflecting on the level of commitment needed to see the tangible impact of mindfulness-based performance enhancement

[38:49] – Danny Ourian’s question: Can we be too aware such that this hampers us in performance?

[50:45] – Questions from James Schwabach and Tim Herzog: How do you work with clients who are stuck looking at mindfulness as the means to an end?

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