Malorie Blackman on the past, and how we can use it to fuel our futures

Growing up with gal-dem

15-09-2021 • 47 mins

In this, our final episode of season 5, we’re so excited to be joined by Malorie Blackman, award winning writer, and hero of so many of our childhoods. It’s an incredible episode, and one we’re so excited to share with you as we prepare for our next season.

Nie and Natty talk to Malorie about primary school memories, career expectations, anti-racism in writing and fiction, and what her career has meant to so many young black people in the UK.

Malorie shares with us a poem she wrote in the 1980s, and reflects on whether the past is something that holds us back or makes us stronger, and how we can embrace pieces of our history to create safer and more powerful futures.

Today is the launch day for Endgame, which you can purchase at all good bookstores. You can follow Malorie’s work on Twitter, and on her website. Look out for the next season of Growing up with gal-dem when we return in November! Thank you so much for listening.

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