Ruby Rare on the reflections of heartbreak

Growing up with gal-dem

02-12-2021 • 44 mins

Trigger warning. This episode of Growing up with gal-dem includes mentions of sexual violence. So if you don't feel comfortable listening to this episode, please feel free to skip this and listen to one of our other episodes.

This week we are joined by Ruby Rare: sex educator, author and public speaker. Ruby speaks to Natty and Nie about the importance of sex education not only to young people in schools but also to adults everywhere and how this can impact not only your sex life but to your self understanding and any relationships you have.

Ruby talks about this more deeply as she reads out her extract from 2016 when she was newly heartbroken and figuring out how to move on. We hear how it’s very hard in those moments to see past what’s currently happening but as Ruby kindly explains - it’s not going to last forever!

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