Olivia Dean on enjoying life while you’re living it

Growing up with gal-dem

08-09-2021 • 44 mins

This week on Growing up with gal-dem, Nie and Natty are reflecting back on song lyrics with east London singer songwriter Olivia Dean in this beautiful and warming episode. In our penultimate episode of the season, expect some laughs, lots of love, and so so so much wisdom shared.

Looking back at lyrics she wrote over 2 and a half years ago, Olivia reflects on what it means to be grounded in the present, how the pandemic has forced us to grow in new and unexpected ways. Olivia shares her goals for the future (which we are 100% backing), but also reflects that sometimes success is about finding happiness, rather than ticking boxes.

You can follow Olivia’s work on Instagram and stream Slowly on YouTube.

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