Zeba Blay on being carefree and living for now

Growing up with gal-dem

04-11-2021 • 44 mins

We’re back with season 6 of growing up with gal-dem, our amazing hosts Natty Kasambala and Niellah Arboine!

This week, we’re kicking off with film and culture critic Zeba Blay who was one of the first people to coin the viral term #carefreeblackgirls on Twitter, as she talks us through her new book, Carefree Black Girls, A Celebration of Black Women.

Zeba, Natty and Nie discuss living for yourself and not your job, the industry or those around you and how to make sure you lead with yourself in mind first. Looking back on her past experiences, Zeba works to try to get back to her most carefree self, just be in the world and live for right now.

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