Not Racist? Not Enough! - How to become anti-racist.

Rich Queer Aunties

Jun 3 2020 • 34 mins

Not Racist? Not Enough! - How to become anti-racist.

This is from my perspective as an African who wasn’t always anti-racist. Being Black wasn’t enough for me, I had to become actively anti-racist. Many Black activist resist the idea of teaching anti-racism to white people and NBPOC because they are tired. I still have some energy so let’s go!

Not being racist is the bare minimum, you don’t get cookies for it. And this goes for all Africans or non American Black people, people of color and other immigrants.

Some ways you can become actively anti-racist:

    • First of all fight the egotistical need to be seen as not-racist. Not being racist is not enough, the goal is to be actively anti racist
    • Pick up a book, many books and educate yourself on the racist past and present of America. Education really is key, take the time to actually educate yourself.
    • Begin to notice anti Blackness in movies and the media. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Then help your family and friends see it too.
    • When Black people tell you something is racist, believe us. It’s not in our heads. It’s not made up. We don’t make everything about race.
    • Teach your kids to see color. Them being color blind is part of the problem. Say the word Black when referring to Black people. It’s not a dirty word. We’re not inherently violent.