Learneezee Cast - Epi. 9 - w/ Pat Bastien & Rico Lazo - Interview Youth Studies Expert Neha Basnet

The Learneezee Cast

24-01-2021 • 28 mins

In episode 9 Rico and Patrick talk about the early Christmas present of the Covid-19 vaccine.

They discuss how the pandemic has affected holiday celebrations both in Denver, Colorado as well as in Freiburg, Germany, forcing families to make tough choices when it comes to protecting their vulnerable loved ones.

In their "What's Life Really Like" segment, they discuss how Schools and Restaurants have closed early for the Christmas holiday in Germany, while in contrast, Denver has allowed restaurants with outdoor seating to remain open.

Then in the "Expert's Corner," they interview, Neha Basnet - a Nepalese Social sciences researcher pursuing her Ph.D. in youth studies at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. They discuss her upcoming courses for Research Methodologies as well as Monitoring and Evaluation. They also talk about some of the projects she's involved with via her organization http://read-consultant.com.

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