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Sep 24 2021 • 3 mins

Appeared in Jamaica with the efforts of popular musician Bob Marley, reggae music style is getting popular around the world day by day. It has been popular since the end of the 1970s when it reached many people in the UK, Africa and the USA. Reggae is the music of Jamaica.

Reggae is often used to describe genres like dub, ragga, ska that belong to the country. When compared to other music styles around the world, it has a different soul. It includes motives of other music styles like calypso and blues.

Guitar, drums, percussions and bass are the main instruments of this music style. Especially bass has an important role in the music. Groovy songs are made with bass lines. Drums and percussions are another important part of reggae music. They originate from Africa and the most important of them is Nyabinghi rhythm. The other important rhythm is one drop. When  Bass and drums are played with harmony, characteristic rhythm of reggae is created. Besides, each drum rhythm has a name. Warrior, stepper, rubadub are some of them.

Apart from Bob Marley, there very important and popular reggae musicians including The Wailers, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh and more.