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Sep 24 2021 • 3 mins

Punk songs was first produced in 1970s, in the USA and the UK. It was appeared as an opposition music act against the system and had many supporters with so famous bands like Ramones, Sex Pistols and The Clash. It is one of the rock music styles that is made with instruments like electro guitar, bass guitar and drums.

Punk is regarded as a subculture based on punk songs rock. This subculture is defined with aggressive teenagers, distinctive wearing style, punk ideology, and diy. Punk is a rejection of society and system that are the result of politics and culture. In punk philosophy, artist is regarded as a man. It develops an oppositional attitude towards traditional and conventional lifestyle. It regards the community structure that shapes the personal development and lifestyle of individuals as the victim and don’t hesitate to offense. According to punk, everything should be free. Living style, wearing style should be extraordinary.

Those who like punk music also adopt these ideas. So, there are many punk music lovers around the world. These people can be seen in punk concerts with their strange and extraordinary looks from their cloths to makeups. Punk music will continue to exist while people adopt the ideas of punk.