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Sep 24 2021 • 5 mins

Rock music is a popular music form that is often played with instruments including electro guitar, bass gitar, drums and keyboard. So it is more likely played with a band instead of a sole singer.

This music style was first produced in 1950s. Some music styles like rock and roll and rockabilly had important roles about the emergence of rock music. Besides, it was directly influenced from Blues. Blues was first appeared as the expression of feelings like sadness, bitterness, melancholy and disappointment of black people.

Likewise, there are rebellious feelings in deep side of rock songs philosophy. The most important reason of the usage of distortion in rock music is that it is regarded as the scream of people.

Rock music has made easier for teenagers to protest the world with its deep lyrics and aggressive melodies. Those who listen to rock music headbang, go wild and express their inner feelings in this way. So, rock music has got so popular in time and has managed to be a rival of pop music. Today it contains main styles such as hard rock, slow rock, progressive rock, alternative rock and more. There are many listeners of all these styles around the world.