BraveMen S3E80: Robert Kalatschan - Drug Dealer / Dealer of Hope

Brave Men Podcast

23-02-2021 • 55 mins

From drug dealer to dealer of hope. This story will inspire you to attempt the impossible. Robert Kalatschan is a Huntington Beach businessman who with his wife Dorothea founded Giving It Back To Kids, a charity that helps at-risk orphans, children and families in VietNam and Southeast Asia. Robert is a successful businessman that was transformed by the ministry of Maximized Manhood. His remarkable story is now the subject of the book, What If You Took a Step?.

Robert simply asked the question, "What if someone helped these kids?" That someone became him. This is the remarkable story of how God captured his heart - even while he was trying to smoke weed at his first CMN men's event. Robert and his late wife Dorothea have helped thousands of orphans across Southeast Asia from their base and team headquarters in DaNang, VietNam. Robert inspires men to do good works and help those in need. His constant admonition is, "If God can use someone like me to bring hope to an entire nation, then God can use anybody." Robert is a close friend of Christian Men's Network and founding member of the Brotherhood of Commissioned Men.