SDG Meditate

Niamh Hennessy & Niamh Flynn

Where to start? How can I help? What’s my passion? What cause do I champion? Or maybe it’s all too much, what are the goals? Why are we pursuing them? Are they even possible? These questions can leave us thinking that maybe we are just one person and how much of an impact can I have on my community, never mind the global community. Or perhaps you have been dedicating as much time as possible to engaging in as many acts as possible to champion as many things as possible and are hoping to help achieve as many of the sustainable goals as possible and now, you are just a little tired and are looking for a reminder about what got you motivated in the first place and need a little time to re-energise and re-ignite that passion you have for being part of the world which strives for the SDG’s to be met.

We are developing a meditation podcast series which will give you the chance to not only take time to re-energise but to allow you to consider each of the sustainable development goals both as an individual and as part of the collective. This is a no pressure podcast. It’s aim is to bring the goals into your life in a gentle way which is also beneficial for your health and happiness! Let’s make the sustainable development goals happen through a societal change in our mindset towards the challenges which face our world. When we stop to consider and be conscious of the world around us, who knows what the impact will be.

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