#78: Kimberly Mark // Dresser for Hamilton Broadway

The Hamilcast: A Hamilton Podcast

24-07-2017 • 36 mins

Kimberly "Kimmie" Mark was gracious enough to invite me to the Richard Rodgers Theatre to tell me all about what it's like to be what is known as a Star Dresser on Broadway for 19 years, dressing stars like Alan Cumming, Raul Esparza, and Leslie Odom Jr. (who brought her to Hamilton). Currently, Kimmie dresses George Washington and Aaron Burr and is easily one of the nicest, coolest people in the world. Take a listen and learn all about how Kimmie became a dresser, tons of behind-the-scenes details about Hamilton, why being assigned to Leslie Odom Jr. was a "dream come true," and how she hasn't actually SEEN Hamilton.

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